Calendar of Events

Join En La Mosca's Captain Bob Day For Fly Fishing on San Diego Bay

The ELM Event Calendar will list events important to En La Mosca Adventures. It will include suggested days of fishing based on the tides, people who have and will be fishing with me and events related to fishing San Diego Bay and around the area. If you have something you would like listed feel free to contact me the information so I can post it for you.

En La Mosca 2017 Suggested Fishing Dates:

January7 to 1621 to 31
February4 to 1420 to 28
March1 to 26 to 1522 to 31
April4 to 1420 to 30
May1 to 81220 to 31
June1 to 29 to 1622 to 29
July6 to 1521 to 28
August6 to 1318 to 26
September4 to 1116 to 24
October3 to 1015 to 2331
November1 to 813 to 2029 to 31
December1 to 811 to 2028 to 31