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En La Mosca Adventures
Fishing Report
June 8, 2017

Fishing in San Diego Bay this winter and spring has returned to its normal routine. If the tides are good you can expect 20+ fish almost every day. The Spotted Bay Bass have been back to normal with many caught every trip. For the first time in a long time, we caught 3 Bonefish on the fly in one day. They have also been hitting plastics. Numerous halibut in various sizes with one so big we could not get it to the boat on 6# test line. Corvina and croaker are also in the mix. Not a great deal of bird action but lots of bait in the water all over the bay.

I expect the summer to have great fishing in San Diego Bay. Be sure you have a3.5’ tidal exchange from high to low or low to high tide. New Penny Berkley Gulp has worked great with spinning gear and a simple Surf Rat type fly for the fly rod has been the hot ticket.