Frequently Asked Questions

Questions To Ask Your San Diego Bay Guide

licensed-guideAre you a licensed Captain?

The law requires every guide taking you out in a boat be a Licensed Captain with a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential. The Credential must be on the boat at all times and available for inspection. Requirements include rigorous coursework and successful testing, a minimum of 360 days’ boat operation experience, and a background check. This helps guarantee your safety as well as boat integrity.

Are you a licensed Guide with the California Department of Fish and Game?

Every California guide who fishes in Salt Water must have a Commercial License from the California DFG and must display his DF numbers on each side of the boat. If you are on a guided trip on fresh water your Guide must have a Guide License from the California DFG. It must be on the boat and available for review.

Do you have liability insurance for your boat and its passengers?

Every Guide should have liability insurance for their boat and its passengers. If something happens everyone needs to be covered. I would be happy to send you proof of insurance if you desire.

How many years have you been fishing and guiding on San Diego Bay?

You have the right to know your Guide’s experience. The guide’s experience and knowledge of San Diego Bay and other fisheries will help to insure you and your kids will have a wonderful time on San Diego Bay. You will find a brief summary of my experiences on the Captain Bob Day page of my website and I would be happy to provide additional information and references.

Do you have references that I can contact?

A list of references should be readily available from each Guide or Guide Service. I would be happy to give you a list of three firsthand references that will cover fly fishing or conventional fishing experiences on San Diego Bay.